At Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic, we are your partner in ensuring your pet’s long-term health.

Our goal is to provide high-quality services for our furry friends and to do everything we can to help them enjoy as many years by your side as your loyal companion as possible. When it comes to keeping companions healthy, nothing is more effective or affordable than vaccines. Vaccinating your pet safeguards them against a number of potentially deadly diseases and can save you from the heartache of seeing your beloved companion suffer. We offer comprehensive pet vaccinations for West Allis area pets, and we would be more than happy to handle all of your companion’s vaccine needs.

Vaccinations for Pets

Several vaccines are available for dogs and cats, but not every pet requires every vaccine that’s available. Some are classified as “core” vaccines and should be administered to all pets. This includes the Rabies vaccine and a number of others. There are also optional vaccines that are only recommended based on certain factors, such as an animal’s risk of encountering a particular disease.

Our veterinarians will take the time to get to know your pet and their unique risk factors to develop a vaccine program that meets their needs. We believe that all pets are unique and that there is no “one size fits all” vaccine program. When you entrust your companion’s care to us, our expert team will develop a vaccination schedule and ongoing booster routine that takes their lifestyle, overall health, risk for exposure to infectious diseases, and other factors into consideration.

Pet Vaccinations in West Allis

Vaccines help pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives. At Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic, we provide pet vaccinations for West Allis area pets and are here to develop an appropriate vaccine schedule for your pet. Call us today to schedule an appointment.
Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic provides pet vaccinations for dogs and cats in West Allis, Greenfield, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, and the surrounding areas.
Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic
We have been providing high-quality veterinary services to pets in West Allis and the surrounding areas.
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