In-House Diagnostics
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Diagnostic testing is used for numerous reasons in veterinary medicine.

At Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic, we perform a range of tests to establish baseline values for our patients, monitor their on-going health, and detect organ problems, certain types of parasites, etc. We also rely on diagnostic testing when a pet is suffering from an illness or injury and we are unable to reach a conclusive diagnosis through a physical exam alone. While some veterinarians rely on outside facilities for testing, we offer in-house diagnostics in West Allis. This allows us to obtain quick, accurate results and means that you won’t have to take your pet to another location for the testing they need.
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Our Diagnostic
Testing Services

At Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic, we use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to perform a complete range of diagnostic testing services. We have an in-house laboratory, which allows us to test blood, urine, and stool samples and check for things like heartworm, organ failure, and much, much more.

We also rely on diagnostic imaging equipment to peer at the organs and structures inside your pet’s body. We use our digital radiology equipment to take X-rays and examine your pet’s bones, ligaments, tendons, and organs. Digital radiology is fast, accurate, and pain-free, and it allows us to properly diagnose a wide range of issues.

Our facility is also outfitted with the latest ultrasonography equipment. We commonly use this technology to capture detailed images of the abdominal organs and to monitor pregnancy. In some cases, it can even be used to determine the severity of certain types of cancer.
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In-House Diagnostics in West Allis

If your pet needs diagnostic testing, we can help. Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic performs in-house diagnostics in West Allis and is here to provide high-quality medicine and diagnostic testing to patients. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.
Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic performs in-house diagnostics for pets in West Allis, Greenfield, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, and the surrounding areas.
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Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic
When you need a veterinarian in West Allis, trust us to provide the high-quality care your pet deserves.
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