Does your pet’s foul-smelling breath leave you reeling backward when they come in for a kiss?

If so, it could indicate that your fur baby is suffering from serious dental issues. While many pet parents assume that their pet’s bad breath is normal, it’s actually a symptom of a deeper problem. By the time they are just three years old, most dogs and cats suffer from some form of periodontal disease, which can cause bad breath, tooth loss, pain, and a number of other issues. At Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic, we offer pet dentistry in West Allis and would be honored to care for your pet’s pearly whites!

Dental Care for Pets

Maintaining your pet’s oral health is a key component of ensuring their long-term wellbeing. Our team provides a complete range of dental care services intended to protect your pet’s teeth and gums (and make it a bit easier for you to actually enjoy their sloppy kisses!).

When you bring your pet to us for dental care, we will conduct a complete examination and take digital dental x-rays. This allows us to see structures both above and below the gumline. We’ll also perform a thorough cleaning to remove plaque and tartar and address any additional problems we may find. While some veterinarians only provide exams and cleanings, we are equipped to perform extractions and remove oral tumors, as well.

Pet Dentistry in West Allis

For pet dentistry in West Allis and the surrounding areas, trust Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic. Our compassionate team is here to lend a hand with your pet’s oral health needs and will do everything possible to give your companion a brilliant smile and better-smelling breath. Call now to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our dental services.
Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic provides dentistry for pets in West Allis, Greenfield, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, and the surrounding areas.
Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic
We have been providing high-quality veterinary services to pets in West Allis and the surrounding areas.
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